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 2019 VHSA Yearling Futurity Nominations

We are pleased to offer the 2019 Virginia Horse Shows Association’s Yearling Futurity and we invite your participation in this exciting venture.  The foal your mare is carrying could win prestige, but also substantial prize money in the summer of its yearling year - but you must act quickly, before MAY 31, 2018.

The VHSA Yearling Futurity is open to all, regardless of the state of foaling.  In order to make the foal your mare is carrying eligible to compete in 2019, your entry must be postmarked no later than May 31, 2018. Your yearling will be judged by top horse people on the basis of conformation and way of moving.  Judging will take place in late summer, 2019.  There will be one division - split into two classes:  Colts/Geldings and Fillies.  Each class will have prize money paid back to eight places. The VHSA is pleased to announce that since 2010 the Virginia Horse Industry Board has awarded a “VA Bred” Program Grant to the VHSA Yearling Futurity Program to be used as part of the Futurity prize money to those who have Virginia bred yearlings.  We are once again very fortunate to have received a $5,000 grant from the VHIB that will be used entirely as Prize Money paid to the VA Bred owners for the 2018 Yearling Futurity Program. 

In order to nominate your foal, please complete the Nomination Form which can be found with the following link:  2019 Yearling Futurity Nomination Form

You may choose a one time single payment of $100 or a payment plan which consists of four payments.  Once your foal is nominated, you maintain its eligibility as long as you wish by making the payments according to the following schedule and maintaining your senior membership in the VHSA. PAYMENT SCHEDULE FOR THE 2019 VHSA YEARLING FUTURITY PAYMENT PLAN:

May 31, 2018               $ 35.00
September 30, 2018    $ 50.00 (If late, $70.00)
January 31, 2019         $ 50.00 (If late, $70.00)
May 31, 2019                $ 50.00 (If late, $70.00)     
 - or SINGLE PAYMENT PLAN $100.00 -

All payments are non-refundable and can be prepaid at any time.  After the initial nomination is made, only one remaining payment may be late and that payment will incur a penalty.  You may maintain eligibility for as many foals as you wish.  The First and the Final Payments must be made by the deadline dates. If you wish to withdraw your foal, simply notify the office in writing.  There will be no refunds.  Nominate as many mares as you wish but remember, May 31, 2018 is the deadline. 

Any questions, please call the VHSA office (540) 349-0910 or e-mail at vhsa@verizon.net. Remember, once the deadline for 2019 is past, the next opening will be in 2020! SEND IN YOUR NOMINATIONS TODAY!


2018 VHSA Associate Jumper Double Points Horse Shows

The VHSA Associate Summer Horse Show will be held June 30th ~ July 2nd at the Deep Run Horse Show Grounds in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia. This show will strictly be a Hunter Show with no jumper divisions offered. The VHSA Associate Summer Show will also be recognized by the Battlefield Horse Show Association, Capital Horse Show Association, DC Area Horse Show Series, Greater Richmond Horse Shows Association, Hampden Roads Horse Show Series, Middle Peninsula Horse Show Association, Southwest Virginia Hunter/Jumper Association and the Virginia Beach Horse Shows Association.

For the Associate Jumper Divisions the VHSA will recognize four regional horse shows in Virginia which will offer double points strictly for the Associate Jumper Divisions. A horse can only be awarded double points at just one of the following shows:

                                       7/22/18         Central Virginia Show Jumper Association Show in Manakin-Sabot, VA
                                      7/10-11/18    House Mountain Horse Show in Lexington, Virginia
                                      8/5/18            BHSA Benefit Horse Show in Spotsylvania, Virginia
                                     10/14/18         Sandstone Farm Horse Show in Millwood, Virginia

In order to have one of these horse shows count as an individual horse's double point jumper point show the owner/rider must complete the form that will be available at each of these horse shows designating that specific horse show as their one double point show. This form must be completed at the show and must accompany the horse show results that the Show Secretary will send to the VHSA office. If the VHSA office does not receive a form for your horse, then no double points will be awarded. There will be no exceptions - It is the owner/rider's responsibility to make sure to complete the form at one of the four horse shows of their choice.


VHSA Division Sponsorship

The 2018 Division Sponsorship Opportunities are available.  Sponsorships cost $100 per Division and the Sponsors are listed on our website, in our VHSA Convention Booklet and the VHSA 2019 Yearbook. Click on this link for A complete list of divisions that are available.


 2017 VHSA Special Award Winners
Congratulations to the following Special Award Winners:

Horseperson of the Year:   Jenny Graham

Amateur Sportsmanship Award:   Alex Johnson

Junior Exhibitor of the Year Award:  Lindsay Milligan

Horse Show of the Year Award:    Keswick Horse Show

The Barry A. Jackson Memorial Award:  Kathy Hall-King

Andrew Montgomery Award:  The Junior Members Committee

Elizabeth Nelms Memorial Owner of the Year Award:   Carol Reedy 

Susan Hagan Award:   Marianne Taylor

Frances Newbill Rowe Junior Exhibitor Award:   Danny Mahon

The Double R Partners-In Memory of Amy Reistrup Trophy:   Brooke Kemper

L.M. Sandy Gerald Collegiate Scholarship:   Katherine Harrison

VHSA L.M. Sandy Gerald Memorial Riding Scholarship:   Jordan Schneider




2018 VHSA Board of Directors
Congratulations to the following individuals who were elected to the 2018 Virginia Horse Shows Association's Board of Directors:


Mr. Walter J. Lee, President (Zone 4 Rep) Mrs. Wendy Mathews Treasurer (At Large) 
Mr. Oliver Brown, Vice President (Hunter Breeding Rep) Ms. Nancy Peterson, Secretary (Zone 6)

Ms. Joan Alberti (Owner Rep) Mrs. Carol Miller (Historian Emeritus)
Ms. Dede Bache-Shumate (At Large) Ms. Molly Trimble Moore (Zone 3 Rep)
Ms. Tara Best (Zone 7 Rep) Mrs. Betty R. Oare (Hunter Rep)
Mrs. Claiborne Bishop (Equitation Rep) Mr. Ernest M. Oare (At Large)
Mrs. E. Sue Bopp (At Large) Mr. Clyde Poarch (Associate Rep)
Mrs. Ada Cosby (At Large) Mrs. Sulu Rose Reed (Zone 5 Rep). 
Ms. Diana Dodge (At Large) Mrs. Carol Reedy (Saddlebred Rep)
Ms. Jane Gaston (Zone 1) Mr. Gordon Reistrup (At Large)
Ms. Jenny Graham (At Large) Ms. Meg Rhodes (At Large)
Mrs. Sue T. Grossmann (At Large) Ms. Sandra Ruiz (Jumper Rep)
Ms. Teddi Ismond (Licensed Officials Rep) Ms. Peg Seals (At Large)
Dr. Stewart Kohler  (Pony Breeding Rep) Ms. Jan Simpson (Trainer Rep)
Mrs. Louisa Lenehan (Zone 2 Rep) Mr. Chris Wynne (At Large)
Ms. Meredith McLaughlin (At Large)  



The VHSA 2017 Associate Top Ten Best Horse Shows
Congratulations to the following horse shows that are the winners of the 2017 best Associate Horse Shows for the 2017 show season as nominated by the exhibitors, owners and trainers. This award was presented on Sunday, December 3, 2017, at The Homestead during the Awards Luncheon.  The top ten best Associate Horse Shows and the Competition Managers of those shows are (in alphabetical order):


CVSJA Horse Show

Coventry Farm

Deep Run Horse Show

Elmington Farm Horse Show

Farmington Hunt Club Fall Show

Hazelwild Horse Show

Pam Herman Farm Horse Show

House Mountain Horse Show

VBHSA Cooler Horse Show

VPBA Benefit Show

Show Manager

Nanci Harmon

Cindy Carson Downing

Joy Robinson

Kathie Hamlin

Stephen Bickers

Teresa Seay

Pam Herman

Molly Trimble Moore

Kasey Evans

Georgine Winslett

Date of Show

October 8, 2017

August 5, 2017

September 9, 2017

August 26, 2017

June 3, 2017

June 25, 2017

June 10, 2017

July 11-12, 2017

August 5-6, 2017

April 22, 2017


The VHSA 2017 Annual Live and Silent Auction 

Every year the VHSA holds a Live and Silent Auction during the Annual Meeting & Convention.  This fund raiser would not be able to be held without the many volunteers who obtain auction items as well as the many donors who graciously donate items.  We would like to thank everyone involved with the Live and Silent Auction, especiall our Donors.  Please remember to visit these businesses in support of their generosity. 
A complete list of Donors can be downloaded here:  2017 Auction Donors



Frederick Cooper - Outstanding Fees
Fae  Cordova (Savannah Cordova) - NSF Check
Baily Dent - NSF Check
Olivia Fuller - NSF Check
Paul Logan, Pachanga Farms - NSF Check & Rule Violation
Susie Mansell (Show Place Farm, LLC) - NSF Check
Michael McCarron (lindsay McCarron) - NSF Check
Andrew Kenneth Milne (Anna Milne) - NSF Check
Margaret Elizabeth Morris - NSF Check
Shannon Simmons - Outstanding Debt
Amanda Smith - NSF Check
Jeanette Whitehurst (Carrie Ellis) - NSF Check


 VHSA Handbook For Horse Showing
The VHSA Junior Members Committee created a wonderful guide for horse showing.  This is a wonderful reference guide for all horsemen, regardless of age.  The Handbook can be downloaded by following this link:   VHSA HANDBOOK FOR HORSE SHOWING

The Official Custom Boot Maker of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that E. Vogel Bespoke is the Official Custom Boot Maker of the VHSA.   Please visit their website athttp://www.vogelboots.com/  63 Flushing Avenue, Unit 331, Brooklyn NY  11205, 718-522-3899

The Official Custom Chaps Maker of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that Chuck Pinnell Custom Leather is the Official Chaps Maker of the VHSA.   Please visit their website athttp://www.pinnellcustomleather.com/   1982 White Hall Rd., P.O. Box 808, Crozet, VA  22932  434-823-9800.

The Official Manufacturer of Custom Horse Jumps of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that Platinum Jumps is the Official Manufacturer of Custom Horse Jumps of the VHSA.  Please visit their website at www.platinumjumps.com   Michael Morris - 434-996-8004 

The Official Sadler of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that Antares Sellier France is the Official Provider of Animal Health Products and Supplies of the VHSA.   Please visit their website at www.antares-sellier.com  

The Official Equine Custom Tailoring Company of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that The Clothes Horse is the Offical Equine Custom Tailoring Company of the VHSA.   Please visit their website at www.theclotheshorse.com    2200 Wallace Blvd., Ste A, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077  856-829-8460

The Official Equine Transportation Company of the VHSA
The Virginia Horse Shows Association is very pleased to announce that MJR Horse Transportation of Keswick, Virginia, is the Official Equine Transportation Company of the VHSA.   Please visit their website at www.mjrhorsetransportation.com

The 2017 VHSA memberships expired November 30, 2017.   The Membership Dues are:  Senior Membership Dues are $50, Junior Membership Dues are $40, Farm Membership Dues are $50 and the Lifetime Membership Dues are $400 for Individual and for Farm. Horse Recording fees are $50.  HORSE RECORDINGS ARE LIFETIME.  Points cannot begin to accrue until membership becomes active and any horses that were not previously recorded must be recorded.   

Teresa Ramsay Photography
Teresa Ramsay now has a website where exhibitors can view photos as well as order photos directly from her.  The website isteresaramsayphotography.com    

Ralph E. Main, Jr. - Legal Counsel of the VHSA
Mr. Ralph E. Main, Jr. of Dygert, Wright, Hobbs & Heilberg, PLC of Charlottesville, Virginia, is the official legal counsel for the Virginia Horse Shows Association.