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Membership/Horse Recording


Membership and Horses can be registered with the VHSA online - by clicking on PAY DUES (on the main navigation bar)

Choose Membership or Horse Recording (whichever pertains), complete applications online, pay online with your credit card and once you read "TRANSACTION COMPLETE" on the screen, this means that the information is automatically sent to our office and you are paid.  There is no need to complete a separate application and send to us as well.  For any Change of Ownership and/or Lease, we also require a copy of the Bill of Sale and/or the Lease Agreement which can be e-mailed to our office (vhsa@verizon.net).  Your request cannot be complete until we receive these copies.

- OR -

If you would rather not pay for your Membership/Horse Recording online, you may use the following applications and either mail to our office with a check (made payable to VHSA) or e-mail the application to our office with the complete credit card information.

 Click here for the VHSA Membership Application (pdf)

Click here for the VHSA Horse Recording Application (pdf)

VHSA Membership List
Membership status can be checked by following the link below:

View Members

All active members have an activation date or "Life Member" after their names - if your name appears on the list without a date this means you are not renewed for the current show year, therefore, points cannot be accrued for the current show year.  
 The date is not an expiration date, but the date that your membership became active with the VHSA.  All memberships, with the exception of Life Members, expire November 30th of each year.  The show year runs from December 1st through November 30th.

VHSA Horse Recording List
Horse Recording status can be checked by following the link below:

View Horses    (All Horse Recordings are Lifetime, however, the owner must be a current member in order for points to count)

Please be aware that the Computer Program will sometimes temporarily hide a lifetime recorded horse if the owner's membership is not current.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the VHSA office either via e-mail:  vhsa@verizon.net or by phone:  540-349-0910.  We will answer your questions as soon as possible on a normal business day.  We are closed on the weekends.

If you see that your name does not appear to be current (no date after your name) and/or your horse is not recorded, please complete a VHSA Membership/Horse Recording Application and either mail it to the VHSA office with your check or take it with you to any VHSA recognized horse show and turn it into the Show Secretary.   Your membership/horse recording activation date is either the date we receive it in the VHSA office through the mail or it is dated the day of the show when turned in at a horse show.    

VHSA Membership Application

VHSA Horse Recording Application

Membership and Horses can be registered with the VHSA online - www.vhsa.com, click on PAY DUES