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VHSA Medals


2019 VHSA/EMO Medal Finals Festival

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 VHSA/EMO Medal Finals held August 8th ~ 9th at the Lexington National Horse Show.  We would like to thank our sponsors:

The EMO Agency, Inc.
Champion Saddlery
Equip Equine 

Also, a big thank you to the 2018 Medal Final Winners who graciously helped with presenting the awards to the 2019 Medal Final Winners:

Jacqueline Needle
Jordan Toering
Haley Redifer

Congratulations to the 2019 VHSA/EMO Medal Final Winners

Children's Medal
1st  - Emily Longest
2nd - Shannon Maguire
3rd  - Avery Valentine
4th  - Victoria Gustafson
5th  - Mary Ellen Keating
6th  - Daisy Bishop
7th  - Agnes Hahn
8th  - Annabele Whitehead

Championship on the Flat
1st  - Emily Longest
2nd - Clare O'Brien
3rd  - Annabele Whitehead
4th  - Mahalia Alascio
5th  - Victoria Gustafson
6th  - Charleez Simcik
7th  - Madison Smyth
8th  - Alexis Seiden

Hunter Seat Medal
1st  - Addison Reed
2nd - Clare O'Brien
3rd  - Katie Triantos
4th  - Emma Pell
5th  - Hugh Turner
6th  - Helen Marie Lohr
7th  - Riley King
8th  - Anna Ordonio

Junior Horsemanship
1st  - Clare O'Brien
2nd - Helen Marie Lohr
3rd  - Addison Reed
4th  - Riley Hogan
5th  - Hugh Turner
6th  - Emma Pell
7th  - Riley King
8th  - Kayla Wolfe

Amateur on the Flat Champion
1st  - Bobbie Jo Adsit
2nd - Holly Longest
3rd  - Lindsay Milligan
4th  - Melissa Kirkpatrick
5th  - Gillian Aiken
6th  - Madison Busey
7th  - Karly Clayton
8th  - Lily Peterson

Adult Medal
1st  - Lindsay Milligan
2nd - Bobbie Jo Adsit
3rd  - Bridgett McIntosh
4th  - Gillian Aiken
5th  - Holly Longest
6th  - Jessica Ropelewski
7th  - Martine Hartogensis
8th  - Stephanie Guerlain

Congratulations to all of the winners!


Thank you to the Warrenton Pony Show, The Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund, and Champion Saddlery for making the 2019 VHSA/LMCF Pony Medal, Pony Equitation on the Flat and the Children's Pony Medal Finals such a wonderful success this past Friday, June 28th.

A special thank you to all of the volunteers and especially the Junior Committee who did a fantastic job with the presentations.

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners!

Pony Equitation on the Flat Winners
1st  - Skylar Boehm
2nd - Kacy Baumgart
3rd  - Rylan VanCourt
4th  - Isabella Jaovsky
5th  - Skyler Ward
6th  - Lexi van der Woude
7th  - Sage Wolf
8th  - Sabrina Daniels

Children's Pony Medal Winners
1st  - Isabella Janovsky
2nd - Kelly Kiser
3rd  - Scarlett Mortenson
4th  - Caroline Zandler
5th  - Byrdie Paisley
6th  - Catherine Cary
7th  - Kendall Deagle
8th  - Beatrice VanSant

Pony Medal Winners
1st  - Skylar Boehm
2nd - Addy Wingate
3rd  - Sarah Semko
4th  - McKenna Gregorio
5th  - Caroline Pennington
6th  - Kenidee McCormick
7th  - Kacy Baumgart
8th  - Vivienne Noel